Texte anglais: I love her, you don't

She walks alone, even if she is with you



Does it even matter to you? Do you even care if the stars in her eyes run away and never come back?And if she stops to smile and she starts to cry... what would you do? Would you hold her or would you go away and wait for her false happiness to come back around? Well, I'm asking you... Do you love her? Do you need her? Or are you able to live without her? Able to let her go away with her pain. I'm asking you this question because I do love her, I do care about her, but she's not mine anymore and she will never be mine again. I will live without her, I won't hold her tight 'cause I can't, but if you'd only know how I feel about her... She makes mistakes, she's angry all the time, she lies like she breaths, she hides herself behind a mask, but I want her so much and I believe in her even more. So take care of her please and say it, say it to me, tell me that you love her like I love her, tell me that you care like I do, tell me that you'll protect her like I did and that you'll see that she's worth way better that she shows to everyone.

And I will do a little thing for you, I'll do what you're asking, I'll let her go. I won't look at her again the way I do everytime I see her. I will throw away all my hope... but you must promise me that you will be better for her that I could be. Prove me wrong. You know you can't... 'cause you can't love her stronger than me. My heart is the only one who got the beat for her, the only one that would stop beating if she was asking. One day, she will see that and she will go in my arms and there's nothing you'll be able to do. I know you won't let her go now and you prove me right, 'cause when you love someone you are able to let the love go... not for you, but for the one you love, when you know it's the right thing to do. You play the fool, you smile and pretend everything is ok... but you know it , I see it in your eyes, you know that she will always love me, even if she says she is not in love and that she don't care... 'Cause I'll be waiting

and I'll be saying the same damn lies...

Love is a story you can't deny, love is a pain you can't refuse and one day, it will fall on you... And I'll be right here behind you... but not to catch you if you fall... I'll be there to take her and go away with the only angel I've ever seen... She's my angel , but she's your human... But love is not all flesh and bones...

And the only thing that matter now... is her soul... and I'm her soulmate.


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